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Meet the Genies

Principal Genie

I decided to start Hudson Valley Real Estate Genies because I wanted to work for a small local Boutique firm and there was nothing like that in the area. I was in the Top 2% of the whole network for Berkshire Hathaway Hudson Valley Properties and the company just kept growing and all around me I was seeing only large companies adding more and more agents so I decided to create my own company and make it exactly the way I wanted it to be. If you have worked with me in the past you know that I give my undivided attent...

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Assistant Genie

Bodhi started his life at the Ulster County SPCA and was adopted as a young pup. Since his first days he has been accompanying Jasmine to most of her real estate appointments and when possible has sniffed out homes ahead of clients to give the all clear signal. His favorite real estate clients are land clients and Bodhi makes sure to mark the land to ward off any other animals, such as bears, who might want to join the tour. Bodhi loves being Jasmine’s assistant and is always open to receiving a treat or two, althoug...

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