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Woodstock is the most well known small town in America due to the iconic Woodstock Music Festival which actually took place in Bethel NY. Regardless of this little bit of misinformation, Woodstock is a fabulous small town. It is a place where you can get out of your car and stroll to small shops and restaurants. Where buskers play music in the town square called the village Green. Where on Holloween the town holds a parade and everyone, old and young, turns out dressed up to the 9’s and all the shops give out treats. Where on Christmas Eve Santa comes to town sometimes as Santa the surfer or Santa on a sleight, and in the background there are carollers singing in front of the old dutch church. Woodstock is both a throwback to a gentler time where people gathered and talked and at the same time Woodstock is a place you can go out and enjoy a delicious meal at the many restaurants offering diverse culinary experiences from the best vegan food in the Hudson Valley at the Garden Cafe, to amazing brunch at Oriole 9, to high end and authentic Italian at Cucina, just to name a few. Woodstock is also deserving of its music reputation and still draws fabulous local talent as well as musicians from far and wide. Due to Woodstock’s popularity with the second home market the real estate market has been going up in value and it tends to be more expensive than the surrounding towns. Property taxes also tend to be higher.

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